Woods End Equine Veterinary Services is a veterinary practice dedicated to the equine species.  Our veterinarians provide mobile ambulatory services (farm calls), outpatient clinical treatments (haul-in services) and emergency veterinary care for horses in Sussex, Warren, Passaic and Bergen County NJ areas, Pike County PA and Orange County NY.

Our mission is to offer quality veterinary services using our state of the art equipment for our equine patients.  We strive to maintain a valuable partnership with our clients in order to provide the best medical care tailored to each horse's needs. 



Woods End Equine Veterinary Services

Our outpatient haul-in facility features Montana Westwood Inc. padded equine stocks for comfort and restraint, and an Equine breeding phantom.  Our services include semen collection, gastroscopy, surgical procedures in a clean environment, artifical insemination, laser therapy, and any routine procedure in which the safety of the horse and humans benefit from the use of stocks.  

We also accept haul-in appointments for any service.