Reproductive services for both the stallion and mare

Stallion Services

We offer Stallion Collection, Live Cover, Chilled Semen evaluation, Breeding Soundness Examinations and just in time shipping via UPS or counter to counter. 

Mare Services

Breeding soundness examinations, artifical insemination with fresh, cooled or frozen semen, pregnancy diagnosis with ultrasound, and caslick procedures. 

Newborn Foal Services

New foal examinations, stall side IgG testing and plasma administration. 

Sport Horse Medicine

We are the only practice in Sussex County that has a 3 meter endoscope.  The 3 meter scope allows us the length to reach and scope the equine stomach for the diagnosis of gastric ulceration and other stomach disease. 

We also scope the respiratory tract and gutteral pouches, and have the capacity to perform BAL's (Broncho-alveolar lavages) for aid in diagnosing Respiratory disease, and Gutteral pouch lavages for treatment of infections.


We recommend that your horse have a thorough dental exam yearly to evaluate enamal points, hooks, soft tissue and any fractured or loose teeth.  To address normal enamal points we perform traditional hand floating and powerfloating dentistry.  

Advanced procedures include radiography (X-ray) and endoscopy to diagnose tooth decay or sinus disease, and tooth extractions. 

Some of Dr. Lauri's most famous dentistry patients are the Army Mules at West Point.   


We perform short term general anesthesia surgeries and standing sedation procedures.  Our services include, but are not limited to, castrations, foot surgeries, soft tissue orthopedic surgeries, lumpectomies, biospy, laceration repair and skin grafting.

Our outpatient facility provides a clean environment for more complicated surgeries.   


Preventive and Emergency Care


Woods End Equine Veterinary Services

Therapeutic Laser Therapy

Woods End Equine offers Sport Horse Medicine services for all disciplines including Eventing, Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Western Performance, Reining, and Roping.

Our Lameness and Pre-Purchase Exams are thorough and complete based on veterinary industry standards.

Diagnosis of Lameness

In addition to observing the horse in motion, under saddle, flexion tests and nerve/joint blocks of the Lameness Exam, our Digital Radiographs (X-ray) and Ultrasound enable us to diagnose issues that may be causing lameness in your horse.

Treatment Options

Our practice was the first practice in Sussex County to offer Regenerative Stem Cell Medicine.  Our arsenal for treatment options includes therapeutic joint injections, IRAP, Stem Cell, PRP (platelet enriched plasma) and Tildren/Osphos. 

Annual examinations along with your horse's routine vaccine protocol are at the center of keeping your horses fit and healthy.  We tailor each horse's vaccine protocol to their lifestyle; whether your horse is a performance horse who travels frequently or stays in the backyard horse.

We are USDA Category II accredited veterinarian in 3 states:  NJ, NY and PA, which means we can perform Coggins tests, Health Paper certifications and perform regulatory tests for export overseas.  We also prepare and update FEI passports.

Our emergency service provides 24/7 response for any emergency.  We have extended hours on Wednesday evening and Saturday and Sunday mornings when there are no additional "after hours" emergency fees.

Class IV laser therapy is a great drug and surgery free way to provide healing and pain relief for your horse.  We can laser injuries, splints, tendons, suspensories, joints, backs, sacroiliac joints, necks, and navicular syndrome.

We provide single treatments, pre-show packages and extensive treatment packages.

We also provide laser therapy for our canine athletes!  We can laser hips, stifles (cruciate injuries), backs, necks and carpus!